Jewelry has its own way of storytelling and style since thousands of years. This jewelry “music” led Katerina to make the jewelry business her profession.

Like so, today she is promoting her own choice collections of jewels that will give you the narrative of style and aesthetic.

Silver, Gold, Stones and Enamel in combinations that praise not only the essence of each piece of jewelry but also the personality of the one who will wear them.

So all collections on katerina-jewels.gr are consistent with the Greek jewelry traditional design.

Katerina co-operates with significant jewelry designers from Greece that everyone of them has a unique style which is expressed at their creation collections.

Katerina visits jewelry designers all over Greece to have a broad view and choose the most significant pieces of jewelry for her customers. We also offer customization on all our jewelry to meet your personal demands at our workshop.

She lives in Rethimno and maintains her store at 5 Souliou Street, a picturesque alley in the old town of Rethimno.